Iaso Tea … is this one hard to swallow?

Recently a friend of mine that lives in Arizona told me that Dr. Bill Miller (yes, the same guy from Dr. Miller’s Holy Tea) had merged with Total Life Changes to form Iaso.  She wanted me to take a look at the company and analyze it for her daughter.  Here’s what I have come up with:

Company track record – The company is the product of merging 2 new companies.  I see no BBB complaints on either companies, so that’s a positive thing.

Strong management – It is evident that both companies needed to merge together, as their products are in very competitive markets (green tea & juice products).  This leads into my next point:

Unique consumable products – I hate to rain on their parade, but there are many “green tea” products in the marketplace today.  The same can also be said for “Nutra Burst”.  What makes it stand out from any of the other juice products (i.e. Vemma, Xango, MonaVie, Limu, etc.)?  Please don’t tell me about the ORAC score, or any “techno-babble” that the “Average Joe” couldn’t care less about.  I don’t need to hear this again.

Competitive pricing – As far as Network Marketing products are concerned, they are very competitively priced.  But I’m sure that you can get a similarly formulated green tea for cheaper at Walmart.  The juice?  Same thing here.

High reorder rate – One advantage to low-priced, affordable products is that everybody can afford them.  Hats off to Iaso here!

Low personal production requirement – The company understands that it should be affordable for the distributor to qualify for commissions.  This should get them into profit quickly.

Low entry costs – I also would like to commend Iaso for making it affordable for people to join the company.  They’ve kept their “Join now” price attainable for everybody, at a very inexpensive $7.95.  Other companies have charged $50 or more to start marketing their opportunity.  Kudos!

Timing vs. trends – I think that it was probably a smart move for Dr. Miller to merge with Total Life Changes.  It was a smart move for both companies concerned, as this makes both companies stronger as one entity.

Legal, fair, balanced compensation – I found this very confusing to understand.  Their concept of “generational” pay is a little hard to absorb … no pun intended.  This, to my understanding, can lead to varying degrees of “breakage” in their compensation plan.  With the way I understand the compensation plan, you will not get paid out on your group volume if that “generation” has less than 1,500GV.  That seems like it is punishing them for not pushing that “generation” to at least that level.  This may lead the distributors to “front-end load” to get it to that required level.  There is also no explanation of the GV-to-dollar ratio anywhere in the compensation plan (i.e. Is $1 spent equal to 1GV point?).  What have they got to hide here?  If it is a 1:1 ratio, then just tell us.  I think that they should stick to a straight “uni-level” compensation plan.

I see some very positive things about the company, and some negative things.  They will have to work on the compensation plan a little more to make it easy for the “Average Joe” to explain it.  They also have to get more “unique” products in their product line.  For me, I’ll pass on Iaso.

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One thought on “Iaso Tea … is this one hard to swallow?

  1. Hi Greg,
    Thank you for investigating the merger with Dr Miller’s Holy Tea aka IASO Tea and Total Life Changes aka TLC aka Nutra Burst.

    I am on preferred customer autoship for the IASO tea because it is my daughter’s business.

    Here is what I do know. I pay 39 dollar plus tax, shipping.
    I am paid for 5 people below me regardless if I sponsor anyone. Which is phenominal. Basically, the products are self funded for the autoship customers when 5 more customers are on autoship.

    I am of course helping Melissa with her business and
    she has some very good people who have come aboard from
    Internet marketing and word of mouth.

    Her total business expense is 39.95 dollars for her product
    9.95 for the follow up auto responder system, back office tools etc., that your opted into for the research,

    Her business building qualification is less than $60 a month and I think she only had to sponsor two for infinity pay.

    The point system is point for point there is no division on the BV or GV which is very interesting to learn. I do agree that similar products can be purchased at Walmart, Sams Club, Walgreens etc, however the 5 customers that are placed under your position offer the product for free. This does two things, it keeps the attrition rate at a low and it creates a curiosity of why a check was mailed when all you did was order the product for personal use?

    There is no break away and is to infinity, so the 1500
    points can be wide or deep.

    Jack Fallon is the CEO of TLC and their old faithful sizzle product nutra burst is not fancy with lots of herbs. Just good old fashioned liquid vitamins, minerals etc., very easy for the Doctor to say yes too.


    Thank you for the add for Melissa and Haley.
    Thank you for being neutral and doing a research
    with objectivity. Also thank you for giving this
    Grandma in AZ some peace of mind..


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