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Network marketing training is the foundation for a successful business. Believe it or not, a top producer in this industry who earns six figure residual income checks was not born a network marketing master. They had to start from the bottom and train just like anyone else. To illustrate the importance of network marketing training I will be using a very popular movie as an analogy. Most of you reading this have seen ‘The Karate Kid.’ For those of you that have not seen the movie, the quick summarized version goes something like this: the movie was about a kid (Daniel) who wanted to learn karate to protect himself, learns from his mentor (Mr. Miyagi) and eventually goes on to win a tournament where the odds were stacked highly against him. Again, a quick summary, but you get the point.

In the movie, Daniel asks Mr. Miyagi to train him. This is important because just like Daniel you need a mentor. You need someone who can show you the way. Mr. Miyagi then goes on to train Daniel through a series of helpful, but slow developing training methods. (painting and waxing cars to practice blocking techniques). Daniel doesn’t understand at first, but because of the repetition, the blocking motions became second nature. This is where good habits come in for you the network marketer. Even with the greatest training in the world you must take action and be consistent. At the end of the movie Daniel participates in a tournament and from the skills and training taught by Mr. Miyagi, combined with Daniel’s drive to succeed, he goes on to win the tournament. Network marketing isn’t any different. You must have a mentor, become a diligent student through training, apply what you have learned on a daily basis and you can go on to achieve great things in this growing industry.

What To Look For In Online Training?

You are here right now because you probably are seeking an alternative from the offline training that your upline is teaching you. The truth is, you are not alone. There are thousands of networkers who seek out the internet and technology to grow their business because their upline and call scripts just weren’t cutting it. The fact remains that the internet can absolutely propel your business to new heights and you can gain so much from the leverage online, but you must follow the right people and training. Here is a list of some requirements to examine before you toss out your hard-earned cash:

* Experience – You must be certain that the training being offered is a direct result of real life experience. You don’t want to follow some faker who hasn’t accomplished anything him or herself.

* Credibility – Does the person or persons offering this training have significant credibility? What are others saying about them?

* Results – Can this training give you results from implementing it? What results have others achieved?

* Free Training – Is there free training offered? This is a big one. Nowadays online, you have to be willing to give away valuable content for absolutely free. If there is no free training offered run far and run fast.

* Continual Training – Does this person or group offer training on a continual basis? The internet is always evolving and it is important that you be aware of these changes as they happen.

The Reality Of Online Training

Building a network marketing business online has become somewhat of a gigantic trend over the last two years. Along with this trend spawned hundreds, if not thousands of people with systems, training and anything else that could show you how to get rich online. The reality though, is that the large quantity of training lacks quality. There may be thousands of people offering training online, but only a tiny percentage that offer quality training. The important thing for you to remember is always be observant when you are researching new training and look for quality above anything else.

Training And Your Responsibility

Once you do get paired up with a team that offers quality training you will be required to do one thing. Take consistent action on a regular basis. The only way the training will pay off is if you implement it. One of the biggest tips I can give you from my journey in this industry is to never stop learning. You have to be a student as well as a mentor to make it in network marketing. The more you learn the higher value you hold and the more sought after you will become. It all starts with the training.

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