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Before you read any tips or take any MLM Training courses you need to understand the concept of Personal Branding. It’s the most essential component for you to have long term success in the MLM industry. If you are using the internet to build your business, you must have a personal website that represents you. Think of your personal website as your online home. Your personal website is someplace to use as your base of operations no matter where your MLM travels take you.

Your personal website does not need to be fancy or complicated. A simple blog with some information about you and your business is all that’s required. You should also have a lead capture form on your blog but you will need some reason for people to want to contact you. You could offer things like MLM Training or help with sales and marketing. Check out my personal blog for an example of what is required. It’s better to register a unique domain as opposed to creating a blog on Blogspot or Blogger or some other third party blogging services. As soon as you do that you are helping to build their brand instead of yours. If you don’t have the technical skills necessary to create a website or blog yourself, there are many companies that will create professional looking custom blogs for only a few hundred dollars.

The most important thing to understand is that above all else you must always be building your brand and not someone else’s. If you are using a capture page provided by the MLM company you are currently with, you are building their brand. If you use a MLM system provided by someone else, you are building their brand. It’s perfectly okay to use other systems and tools but you want to ensure that your prospects always start with you. You want them to visit your blog or website first. If you aren’t providing MLM Training for your members, it’s perfectly acceptable to provide a link from your site to a third party site providing the MLM Training courses.

By always directing your leads, prospects and members to your personal website/blog you can ensure that you are building your reputation with them. If you ever want to change to a different MLM company or offer new tools or MLM Training courses, links and information can be easily added without re-creating everything or directing everyone to a new site. In my MLM Training, I always try to emphasize the use of generic systems and tools which helps ensure that you are the brand as opposed to the company or products you are currently representing.

In some ways, your Personal Brand is the only things that matters. Many people who are new to the MLM business fail to realize the importance of this concept. They get so busy chasing after the latest tips and tricks and secrets that they completely miss the importance of their Personal Brand. There is an often repeated phrase in the MLM industry: “People don’t join your MLM business, they join you!” Through your Personal Branding efforts you can make sure that what you are presenting to all of the prospects out there is YOU. You can ensure that, from their point of view, you are the expert, you are providing the MLM Training and you are the one who will help them succeed. Even if you are taking MLM Training courses together and learning together, they will still remember that they visited YOUR personal website and that it was YOU who put them on the road to MLM Success.

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