Is Stiforp a scam — or is it the real deal for Internet Marketers?

As of recent times, some of the top Internet Marketers (namely Frank Astheimer, Paula Frye and John Lowery) have jumped on the bandwagon for a new company called Stiforp.

There are 5 reasons why I will never join Stiforp:

1.  Can’t perform a proper due diligence on the owner(s) – I deem it extremely important to know the history of the company owner(s), so I’m not involving myself with a person that has been known to run scams in the past,

2.  Don’t initially know what the company’s products are – This is disclosed to anybody, so how do I know what I’m getting for my money,

3.  Don’t know anything about their comp plan, thus I don’t know how I’m going to be paid for my efforts (if I ever chose to participate in this company).  It is important for me to know how I’m going to be paid for my efforts,

4.  With their current systems, I MUST opt-in with my contact information to find out about their company.  This means that I’m “growing their list”.  So what happens if this company closes their doors?  My contact information becomes part of their database, and it can be sold “to the highest bidder”.  Everything is hidden in a “veil of secrecy”,

5.  New network marketing businesses have a bad track record of not lasting.  Over 95% of network marketing companies don’t last past 5 years.

What has Stiforp got to hide from the people?  I’m not sure at this point, but I will not be part of that company if they will not allow me to know more about them.  I just don’t join companies unless I can do a proper due diligence on it or its company officers.

I am not necessarily calling Stiforp a scam, but there are too many “red flags” for me to make this a viable business to join.  Caveat emptor (Latin for “buyer beware”)!  I’ll pass on this one!

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    9 thoughts on “Is Stiforp a scam — or is it the real deal for Internet Marketers?

    1. I sign up with Stiforp about three months ago and so far so good. I got back half of what I paid already. To me is more like a ponzi scheme that actualy works, you get paid a percentage of the people you bring in and the people they bring in, however this is world wide so it’s not running out of people any time soon.

      There is minimal risk, so far I have only invested $150 and already got back $70. Of course, the more people you sign up the more money you will get, nothing is easy in this life. Here is my link if you want to look at it, your sign up is much appreciated.

      Thank you.

    2. Network marketing benefits are many, especially for people who are trying to make money from home. In the world of network marketing, people come and people go. Most people are attracted to multilevel marketing because of the monetary benefits.

    3. I joined Stiforp with Frank Astheimer 10 days a go & it looks hot. There is plenty of info on the web about the founder Nauder Khazan. He gives away his cell, skype & msn ID on every broadcast.

      You can export the list from the contact manager at any time…so the list is yours to keep.

      Stiforp Launched officially on 20 Sept 2011 & they are adding new products on a weekly basis. I am really impressed at the value you get for only $9.95 a month.

      I HIGHLY recommend Stiforp.

    4. Hi guys, I signed up back in Aug 1 2011 and I think its important that people know that since then I have made $4.50 for September 1 2011 – September 30 2011 plus $50.00 for signing up 2 friends and waiting for October…

      I thought that I was going to get paid on my 12200 power line but I don’t know if its going to happen, I email stiforp and asked for info and they answered ( not all the people under you fall on your down line) I didn’t understand what that means but I’ll keep checking if there’s any change.

      My 2 friends that a bugged to sign up are pissed off at me because they don’t understand either…

      I know that this MLM program has great potential for a person that knows how to market but most people don’t know how too.

    5. I communicate regularly with all our Stiforp group’s team members
      including those who are counting on Stiforp to be
      a good source of passive income, that the company
      and our team are doing very well. It is exciting
      for those of us actively enrolling other members
      that our growth continues to be remarkable and is
      spreading in MANY countries around the world. Our
      products and our business opportunity are quite
      attractive. In my own network, there are now 16
      countries represented and growing. It is truly a
      SUCCESS journey we are on.

      As far as dependability is concerned, having some
      experience with companies that do very well and those
      who may not live up to their potential, I look for
      three things as indicators that ANY legitimate businesses
      should make standard practice, and Stiforp has met
      these criteria:

      1. A system that works – In following the Stiforp training
      and applying what I’ve learned through my own experience,
      I have seen my organization continually grow positively
      on almost a daily basis.In addition to receiving regular
      weekly bonus payments, the residual income I earned increased
      every one of the 3 monthly period for which we have been
      paid so far.

      2. Timeliness and accuracy of payments – Stiforp has
      sent me an accurate check every week since they came online
      in July. All earnings are accounted for and the check
      arrives 5 days after each Wednesday’s payment date like

      3. Support – For those needing assistance, the Stiforp team has
      responded to each request (I would also add “response to
      concerns”, but there haven’t been any of note for our team
      so far). As a leader, I take the responsibility seriously that I am
      available to answer questions and be instructive wherever I
      can, and I am pleased that the reports to me of our Stiforp
      group page on Facebook has been both helpful and educational.

      I have not seen even hints of issues with our business. Everybody
      wants a business that works well and is both timely and profitable,
      without problems or excuses from the company that provides
      the system. We have that!

      We’re in the right place at the right time with the right
      business. Promote it and prosper!

    6. I have not joined Stiforp and most likely will not due to a conflict of interest. I do have a freind (David) that has joined and is taking advantage of my Traffic Exchange to help grow his business. Dave even started a Stirforp Surfing group and is listed in the SFL Socical Network to multiply his promotional efforts. So even though I am not going to take part directly the doors are open at my Surf For Local Traffic Exchange to join Dave and grow your business.

    7. I joined StiforP three months ago. I have paid $49.5 for sign-up and $9.95 monthly. But until now, I get nothing.
      So, StiorP is truly a SCAM.

    8. Not many make money from home systems can promise members 100% sales commissions, that is, unless there is a catch. The Empower Network is still in its infancy stages, which is why many people are still skeptical about the longevity of this money making system. Add that to the fact that both its members and founders are keeping the details tightly guarded, you might be inclined to think that Empower Network is just another make money from home get rich scam. If you take every word but ‘scam’ out of the equation, you have already come to the right conclusion

    9. this mlm system is surely makes some conflict for peoples who thinking about how to fill their bill beside their main real my country it’s still new thins and havent got much yet people know it.but many guys here make for some interesting review with some paid proof enclosed . since then i need some more opinions and genuine reviews from whose has been succeed on it before i join this programme.

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