Nerium International – A Program for the Masses, or just another “Me, too!” Company?

Nerium International is a company that celebrated their opening in September 2011, and has a management team with extensive MLM history.

They came to the forefront by introducing a skin care product that is extracted from the Nerium oleander plant.  What makes this interesting is that, in its purest form, this plant is poisonous for human consumption.  Somehow, Nerium International has discovered a way to harness the extract of this plant and make it something of beauty; something to enhance ones’ beauty.  They’ve created an anti-aging cream from the Nerium oleander plant.

NeriumAD by Nerium International
Anti-aging cream made from extract of the Nerium Oleander flower

Don’t get me wrong here:

I applaud Jeff Olson for what he has done with Nerium International.

However, I will voice some of my concerns in this Nerium International review.  This review will cover the “12 Critical Success Factors in Choosing an MLM Program”, as they way I see it with Nerium International:

  1. Company track record – Nerium International, as previously stated, has only been around since September 2011.  After checking the Better Business Bureau website, they don’t seem to have any complaints placed against them as of this writing.  In their defence, they are a fairly young company, so it make take some time for this to happen.  Only time will tell!
  2. Financial strength – As I previously stated, they are a young company, so I cannot comment on Nerium International’s financial stability.
  3. Strong management – Here is where Nerium International is very strong.  Jeff Olson is their Founder and CEO.  He was very successful in many of his previous MLM companies.  He was Founder of The People’s Network and a top leader in Pre Paid Legal.  He exemplifies MLM leadership, and I would say that that he gives me a good “vibe” with what he has done for the MLM industry.  He is definitely somebody that I would trust my future with.
  4. Unique consumable products – This is one area that I can’t seem to shake a bit of uneasiness.  There are many companies that have anti-aging and skin care products; in fact, too many of these companies exist.  What does make it different is its main ingredient:  the Nerium oleander.  As I previously stated, the Nerium oleander plant is, in its purest form, poisonous for human consumption.  To make something that will accentuate someone’s beauty out of something like this is an amazing accomplishment!  My concern with a product such as this, being an anti-aging cream, is that really caters to mainly women.
  5. Competitive pricing – I am not knowledgeable in this area, so I can’t make a comment on whether it is “competitively priced”.
  6. High reorder rate – I am not in Nerium International’s “Partnership Program”, so I can’t make any fair statements as to reorder rates.  My only concern is that customers will probably not be reordering this product on a monthly basis, thus affecting your residual income.
  7. Low attrition – Just as I previously stated in my last sentence, it is unknown how often a customer or “partner” may reorder the product.
  8. Low personal production requirement – You must be able to maintain 200 PQV in Retail Sales to Personal Customers or 80 PQV from a Personal Auto-Delivery Order (ADO).  This is fair for the average Network Marketer, as it as fairly easy to attain this on a monthly basis.
  9. Low entry costs – You can get started with Nerium International for as little as $80.00 (plus shipping), without any distributor kit.  I say this because some companies make it mandatory to also purchase a distributor kit when joining as a distributor.
  10. Timing vs. trend – Many of the foods that we eat today contain harmful chemicals and preservatives, thus affecting our skin.  Here therein defines a need for an anti-aging product.  But, as I previously stated, there are many other MLM companies that have anti-aging and skin care products; in fact, too many of these companies exist.
  11. Legal, fair, balanced compensation– There are a few areas that I take exception to with respect to Nerium International’s compensation plan.  First, their “Lexus Bonus” program may be structured to penalize somebody with a “less than favourable” credit rating.  If you cannot qualify for the “Lexus Bonus” (due to a bad credit rating or some other reason), then you will lose up to $1000 per month in bonuses.  That isn’t exactly fair for the “Average Joe” if they cannot “drive off the lot” with the Lexus. Second, they are taking aspects from other company’s compensation plans with their “3URFree”.  Nerium International is not the first program to have this incentive in their compensation plan.  Third, there is at least one area that the Nerium International compensation plan mimics the compensation plan of their competitors.  The payout is exactly the same with regards to the amount of commissions paid in relation to the amount of personal qualification volume.  Finally, the team commissions paid is significantly lower than many companies on the lower levels (i.e. levels 7 and 8).  Where Nerium International only pays 2% on these 2 levels respectively, some companies pay up to 5% respectively.  All that aside, Nerium International does have a portion of their compensation plan that is pretty darned amazing, and there’s no other company that I’ve seen has this.  It’s called “Endless Cost-Free Inventory”, and it’s very simple to explain.  Every time a rep signs up a new customer or a new rep, they get paid, but they also get another bottle of NeriumAD free that they can use for samples or sell for $80 to $110.  This is a great way for even the part-timer to get into profit quickly.
  12. No risk – With any MLM company, there are certain risks involved.  The amount of money made is proportional to the time invested.

In summary, though Nerium International has a very strong Management Team, I feel that there are certain issues that I have addressed that make me say that Nerium International is a company that I cannot do business with.  Everybody is entitled to their own opinion, but

I feel that these above issues make Nerium International a “deal breaker” for me.


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    6 thoughts on “Nerium International – A Program for the Masses, or just another “Me, too!” Company?

    1. Great review! I would agree with everything you have said. Having actually tried the product, I will say I did notice some changes within 30 days.

    2. Thanks for the nice compliment in using my criteria as a foundation for your reviews Greg.

      Perhaps the biggest point you missed is on the proven efficacy of the product. Yes, the extract is what makes Nerium AD unique and absolutely exclusive, but more importantly, it is what makes the product so much more effective than competitor products. That is absolutely proven by independent 3rd party clinicals.

      And the trials actually measure the reduction in length, depth, and severity of fine lines, deeper wrinkles, even “pre-emergent” lines. It is not a subjective evaluation like most companies do to base their claims.

      So the product is a true breakthrough in an $80 billion dollar (and fast growing) industry. A risk-free trial is proving that to most peoples delight. It certainly not a “me too.” product.

      Of course, you know I have warned against joining companies without established track records, but you well stated one reason why the exception is warranted in this case – the 20 year impeccable record of CEO and Founder, Jeff Olson, for success, fairness, and brilliant management. He both knows how to run an MLM company and loves MLMers!

      That’s really rare and very valuable.

      As for imitating parts of other company’s comp plans, guilty as charged. Most notably Nerium has take some of the best parts of the very successful ViSalus’ comp plan, as you well know. But then, if copying parts of comp plans were somehow wrong, no company would be in business – except maybe Watkins or Amway!

      The above said, you failed to mention one of the most unique, effective, and revolutionary parts of the Nerium comp plan, what I call their “Endless Cost-Free Inventory” program.

      If you would allow it, Greg, I would invite people to view my video review of Nerium here to learn more about that game changing new comp plan fundamental:

      And pick up a copy of my MLM The Whole Truth ebook and course FREE as a thank you.

    3. Lou, you’ve got a point about copying parts of comp plans, and that’s true! I think that your “12 Criteria” is the fairest way to analyze all companies out there, and levels out the playing field during the analysis process. I added the part to about the “Endless Cost-Free Inventory” program to the comp plan section of my review. Since I’m kinda “borrowing” your “12 Criteria” (LOL!), I’ll gladly let my readers watch your full video review. They need to pick up that ebook & course, because it (to take a quote out of Michael Dlouhy’s book) “saved me lots of time and frustration” when it comes to analyzing any new company that comes along … and we both know there are tons of them out there! It seems that a couple or 3 of them pop up every month!

    4. I wanted to add that I don’t see this as a “women’s” product. Check out their before and after pictures, the ages and types of results are really varied. I think men are concerned with the appearance of their skin and will make a good showing as the product and its benefits becomes more widely known.
      As for copying parts of the comp plan, as long as they are the ones that work and add value, why not? I like the 3URFree program, it seems like a good fit for our current economy. I would also say that the 30 day money back guarantee is another nice way to overcome consumer objections. Those 2 programs together with the verifiable results make Nerium attractive and easy to market.

    5. I am trying to find the complete listing of ingredients in the nerium products, and having extreme difficulty. The listing of ingredients for the AD line is just the main ingredients, not the full listing. The other day I found more ingredients listed on the products, and found PPG and Triethanolamine in some of the products. Now I cannot find that page. Why is it so secretive?

    6. I have been in Nerium for a few months. I am experienced in MLM and I am very impressed with what I have found from the inside. The company has the best promotional materials I have seen, their launch kit and virtual office are simply amazing.

      One of the most incredible things is that I am spending very little money to launch this business. Amazingly the 3UR FREE program even applies to Brand Partners. And even more bonus product to promote your business is free through a second program that was mentioned in this article called Nerium Gives Back.

      I find the product easy to promote. If you have seen the before and after pictures you’ll know why- who doesn’t want to know what it will do for them? They have a great duplicatable system that includes 5 day in home trials and “Real Results” parties.

      I like this company and the product really works. I think it is worth a serious look for anyone in the market for a new company. BTW, the company is expanding rapidly, I wouldn’t wait too long to check this one out.

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