Synergy Worldwide – An Outstanding Company With A Breakthrough Product, Or Just Something We’ve Seen Before?

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Synergy Worldwide is a company that has been around since 1999, so it has a stable footing in the Network Marketing industry.  Synergy Worldwide has also partnered with another Network Marketing Powerhouse, Nature’s Sunshine Products, a company that has been around since the early 1970’s.  With stability shown like this, I find it difficult to find a weak link in this fence, but I urge you to read the rest of my review to see what I really think of Synergy Worldwide.  I will evaluate every aspect of this company with the “12 Critical Success Factors in Choosing an MLM Program”, as I see it with Synergy Worldwide:

  1.  Company track record

    There is something to be said for Synergy Worldwide, since it has been around for over 14 years.

    Most Network Marketing companies don’t last beyond their fifth year.  When you see one that has lasted as long as Synergy Worldwide, you know that it has true longevity!  I also checked to see that they have no complaints launched with the Better Business Bureau.  That is very promising!

  2. Financial strength

    Since Synergy Worldwide has been around this long, you can probably conclude that it is very financially sound.

  3. Strong management – Dan Higginson, Synergy Worldwide’s CEO and Founder, started as team leader for the Covey Leadership Center, where he travelled across the world to train many distributors in the Network Marketing industry.  His style of company leadership has earned the company recognition nationally and internationally in the Network Marketing industry.
  4. Unique consumable products – I can relate with their flagship product, called ProArgi-9+, as we lose somebody to heart disease or diabetes every 7 minutes.  I lost my father in late January, 2013 to a combination of health factors (including heart disease and diabetes).  When I was introduced to ProArgi-9+, I told myself that I would not go down the same road my father chose.  I choose to have a healthy heart, and that’s why I chose to start to take ProArgi-9+ in my regular daily regimen.  I have experienced marvelous results since I started on the product at the end of March, 2013.
  5. Competitive pricing – It is my belief that their products are very competitively priced, as compared to many other similar products in the industry.
  6. High reorder rate – Their products experience a very high reorder rate, which allows the distributor to generate a very generous income.
  7. Low attrition – The company has a very low attrition rate, which allows the distributor to generate a continuously stable income.
  8. Low personal consumption requirement – Your Tracking Center(s) will be qualified each month by purchasing a minimum of 60 CV of product for resale on Tracking Center 1.
  9. Low entry costs – It is recommended to invest in a minimum order of 3 boxes of ProArgi-9+ when starting, which would be approximately $250.  I think that this is affordable for nearly everybody out there.
  10.  Timing vs. trend – As I have previously stated, we lose somebody to heart disease or diabetes every 7 minutes.  This defines the need for a product such as this in the marketplace.
  11.   Legal, fair, balanced compensation

    There are portions of Synergy Worldwide’s compensation plan that are very unique.

    They call it the “Dual-Linear Mega-Match® Compensation Plan”, and contains 7 different components to income generation.  They include: 1) Retail profit (selling the product to customers), 2) Fast-start bonus (paid when sponsoring a new distributor into your organization), 3) Elite rebate (paid when you personally purchase a certain amount of product), 4) Basic commission (paid based on the amount of volume in the weakest leg), 5) Mega-Match Bonus (10% of the amount of your personally sponsored persons’ monthly check, 6) Leadership Bonus (paid up to 4% of your strong leg CV based on new monthly growth of your weak leg CV), and 7)  Global Share Bonus (1% of the total company-wide CV is paid when you reach the qualification of “Presidential Executive” or higher each month).

  12.   No risk – Every MLM company has a certain amount of risk involved.

In summary, I feel that Synergy Worldwide is a company that should not be passed up.  Combined with a very lucrative compensation plan, very strong company management, the fact that Synergy Worldwide has been around for such a long time, and a product that has such a tremendous need in today’s society, I have to give Synergy Worldwide one of my highest recommendations.

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